Caitlin Coreris graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 with a BFA in painting. She has studied painting in Rome and travelled internationally after graduation to continue her education about art and culture. Recently a trip to China sparked the vision in her current work. The experiences she had while in Shanghai created a need to communicate something darker about struggle and hope and how they are affecting the contemporary world. In her most current series, Personal Landscapes, there is a mystery about what one sees and what that means.

Caitlin Coreris was born in Oakland, California. At the age of three her mom found her outside painting on an art board that she set up under an umbrella. She remembers crushing her chalk and adding water to make paint and holding her paintings up to the sun to see the colors become more luminous. Caitlin grew up in a hand-built house in the Berkeley hills with a cellist and an architect for parents and a sister who loved dressing up and entering her into fake art contests. This rich and imaginative childhood served as a spring board that launched her drive to make art the focus of her life and to study at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Caitlin’s artistic language is strongly emotional and encompasses evolving states of consciousness in expansive physical landscapes. She uses industrial and natural environments and her own interior landscape to create contrast in her work. She is fascinated by nature’s chaotic and messy undergrowth and the exquisite structure and beauty that grows from it. Her paintings have under growths that are rough, edgy, harsh, and subconscious, and over the history of this undergrowth she creates landscapes from memory that reveal her subconscious and the dark and light aspects of life. Caitlin’s paintings make statements about nature, human experience, and our interior world in ways that allow these elements to live and breathe together.

“To be unfiltered, in the moment, and not aware of what the work looks like or means creates art in which I can lose the idea of self and just feel. That is when I am creating art.”  -- Caitlin Coreris

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